May 26, 2010

Beauty Benefits: Green Tea vs. Black Tea

Tea has been a staple beverage in many cultures throughout the world for centuries. Many studies have been conducted on the health benefits of tea like whether certain varieties can reduce the risk of ailments such as cardiovascular disease or cancer. For this reason, Green tea has become sort of a trend in recent years. It's been heralded for its richness in antioxident polyphenols, vitamin C and nutritive minerals. Research has shown that green tea can potentially reduce cholesterol and fight cancer. Although less potent in antioxidants, black tea is also said to be an immune boosting drink. Nevertheless, these are all purported benefits of the consumption of tea since we all know that numerous factors play simultaneously into a person's health, such as genetics and other lifestyle choices.

Despite the uncertainty behind the advantages of drinking tea, there are palpable benefits that you can see when it comes to your beauty regimen. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), found in both black and green tea, is known to aid in the formation of collagen and skin repair. It thus helps maintain a firm and bright complexion. You can make a facial spritzer/toner at home just by mixing some brewed green or black tea, lemon juice and will give you an instand glow and pick-me-up feeling! You can also prepare a mask by mixing green tea powder with water and letting it dry on the face before removing with warm water. Add some coarse sugar to the same mixture and use it as a scrub! Caffeine, also found in both black and green tea, has been shown to boost the circulatory system and central nervous system, thus working as an anti-inflammatory agent (a lot of eye serums and creams include caffeine as an ingredient because it reduces puffiness). Black tea contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that slows the degeneration of cells while promoting the growth of new ones. It also has emollient properties that "plump" and soften wrinkles and dry skin.

The cosmetic boons of tea have been harnessed in many effective beauty products. One of my favorites is Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask...after using it, my skin immediately feels supple and looks radiant!