March 23, 2010

A Preface of Sorts...

I can’t imagine starting this blog off without introducing myself. I mean, if I intend to divulge my thoughts, finds, tips and everyday occurrences to you, then why not first tell you why my experiences and opinions are worth sharing. I’m a young mommy and wife with stories to tell. I’m a makeup artist just starting my business up and am looking to document my venture. I have a curiosity and appreciation for things of style, elegance, loveliness…and I want to comment on them. I’ve always been a writer. However, in the past few years, as I’ve been besieged by the day-to-day responsibilities of running a home and raising a child, I inadvertently put my love of writing to the wayside.

Not a day goes by when my unfalteringly supportive other-half doesn’t ask me when I plan on writing a novel. I would love to, I think to myself. But with all these meals to prepare, clothes to launder, diapers to change, toys to pick up, and (of course) Tyra Banks to watch, how can I dedicate any meaningful attention to composing a piece decent literature? “Just write anything,” he says. Normally, I would chalk this kind of slapdash philosophy to the absurdity of the male mind, but in this case, the guy is right. My anxiety over writing something “of substance” has caused me to use everyday life as an excuse not to write, when in fact, it should be my fuel and fodder. What’s more is that in the meantime, I feel as if I’ve de-habituated myself from the technical act of writing…I’ve forgotten what it’s like to actually sit down and “put pen-to-paper”. Having already made a long story, um…long, the purpose of this blog, aside from being an outlet for me to rant about lifestyle, fashion and beauty, is to help re-initiate myself as a writer. So far, I’ve grown accustomed to being unproductive when it comes to my passions and I’ve felt justified because it’s not like I haven’t been busy, right? Well, now my ego is more insatiable than ever. In an age when you see young people making their first millions before their thirty and forging fame out of thin-air, I desire to accomplish more.

As far as the blog title goes, it’s quoted from French writer Marcel Proust. Elegance is defined as the attribute of being simple yet effective. Usually, this word is used as a standard of tastefulness, but “good taste” is in the eye of the beholder. For me, living with elegance is being choosy…not persnickety in an insufferable Simon Cowell sort of way…just selective. As I see it, I deserve the best for myself so I can put out my best self. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll elaborate on my attitude towards elegance at some point later on.

At last, I hope I can offer some valuable, if not entertaining, commentary in sharing this journey with you!