March 25, 2010

Taupe Nails!

I know it has been a trend in nail polish for some time, but I rarely get manicures so I'm loving my taupe nails right now. I wish I could show you pictures but some of the polish got chipped while I was chopping onions the other day, so I'll spare you the unattractiveness. I usually like dark red, black and gunmetal colors on my nails but this is a great's still sort of dark and edgy but more earthy than black. It's a great fall/winter color for it's gray-mauvey tones but I think I'm going to stick with it for a minute even though it's Spring and most other people will be opting for bright, candy or melon nail hues this season. My husband said it looked like I was playing in the mud, but he doesn't know what he's talking about. Plus, my manicurist was right, men only like RED nail polish on women.

I used OPI's Over the Taupe, but similar nail polishes include Opi's You Don't Know Jacques, OPI for Sephora's Metro Chic, MAC's Wham Bam Glam (from the Riveting collection), Chanel's Particuliere, Orly's Country Club Khaki and Zoya's Pasha.

Here are Sandra Bullock and Gwenyth Paltrow sporting some taupe nails...