March 26, 2010

Sephora Hair and Skincare Haul

Fortunately for my cosmetics addiction, but unfortunately for my wallet, my daughter's Gymboree classes are right near a Sephora. Yep, and it's conveniently located right near the subway and taxi stands we have to get to in order to go home LOL. I really went into the store to purchase an eye cream but, like always, I ended up with a few more items than I had originally planned on. For some background information, I have combination skin that can get dehydrated at times, meaning that if I don't take in enough liquids, exfoliate or moisturize enough, it can get a little flaky around my eyes and nose. The skincare prodtucts I've purchased are either geared towards combination/oily skin or all skin types.

I'll start with the eye cream. When I told her that I was concerned with my dark under eye circles, the Sephora associate suggested I get Clinique "all about eyes". She said it would tareget my dark circles as well as hydrate and prevent fine lines. At $28.50, it was significantly cheaper than many of the other eye creams available there. I decided to give it a try because the description on the box says it's for all skin types and reduces dark circles and puffiness. Furthermore, being a licensed esthetician, I can decipher if some of the ingredients listed might be effective. This particular product contains isostearyl palmitate (i know, it's a mouthful)...this ingredient is what makes the product supposed to be "non-greasy" and non-comedogenic which I am all about. It also contains strawberry begonia extract to help lighten as well as grapeseed and mulberry extract and caffeine which all possess brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. For hydration, you've got petrolatum and dimethicone in the mix.

The next skincare item I bought was a Shiseido Anti-Aging, Ultimate Sun Protection Cream for Face with SPF 55.
Because I'm of Southeast Asian decent, and have a medium to dark olive comlexion, I was looking for a sunscreen that did not leave a white cast when applied. This product seemed to do the trick when I tested it on my hand, but we will see when I try more on my face. SPF, or sun protection factor, indicates how long one can stay in the sun before reapplying and while maintaining a low risk of burning from ultra violet B (UV Burning) rays. Anything with an SPF of 30 and higher protects against 98or so percent of UV rays. This Shiseido sunscreen also protects against the aging UVA rays. At the same time, the ingredient xylitol is supposed to keep the skin soft, and rose apple leaf extract is supposed to work as an antioxidant to help prevent DNA damage from UV exposure. Even though a sunscreen claims to be "very" water and perspiration-resistant, I would still re-apply every hour or two if possible. I got the smaller version for $19.50, since I'm trying it for the first time, but the larger one for about $32 seems reasonable for a Shiseido product.

The next few items I purchased were haircare products. First, I got Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser, for days when I don't have a chance to wash my hair. I have normal, color-treated hair and I love dry shampoo because it soaks up any extra oils and refreshes hair so it looks bouncy and clean without water. The travel-size costs $10, but if you don't want to spend the extra cash, you can always try applying baby powder closer to your roots. It has the same effect in soaking up the oils but can leave white traces if you don't brush it through properly. The second hair item I bought was Ojon Animated Styling Cream. The label says it "increases hair volume, adds separation and texture, boosts moisture and shine". It's also supposed to be a lightweight, non-greasy formula so it creates "extreme body with movement". The ingredients include Olive Oil butter, Creatine, Keratin, Silk and Wheat proteins to help increase hair volume while keeping it soft. Although I said my hair is normal, it can get a little dry from overheating, so I'm going to try to use this product after my heat-protecting spray to control frizz after I blowdry, iron or curl. It sounded kind of pricey at $26, but I've heard that Ojon products are very effective. The third and last hair product I bought was Oscar Blandi olio di jasmine hair serum ($16 for travel size). I'm going to use it as a finishing and glossing product for the ends after I style.